The Sauce Meter

I’d like to introduce my rating system, the sauce meter. I’m still working it out, but for now I want to keep it simple and rank it out of 10. I haven’t figured out all the dimensions for rating food on ingredients, taste, value, etc… For now, its a simple rating out of 10. Its completely biased because I’m rating it purely based on taste for now.

I took inspiration from the publication “The Source“, which is a hip hop magazine. They rank albums out of 5 mics, with 5 mics being extremely rare.


Its reserved for hip hop classics. Its incredibly difficult to rate music because you are rating it at a certain point in time when its new. You’d don’t know the impact its going to have or how the masses will react. In fact, you need to listen to music several times to really appreciate it. I mean they didn’t give Biggie 5 mics! This was until they went back and adjusted it a long time later from 4.5 mics to 5 mics. So you’re probably not going to find anything from me that’s 9 or 10 for a while as I start this blog plus I rarely rate anything 10/10.