Pizza King documentary

Its the New Year, and of course many of us have goals to be eating healthy. Well I have been so far – but hey its less than 24 hours!

During the holidays, I’ve been watching a lot of movies, online videos and NBA games. I like watching VICE documentaries on Youtube which are short videos, typically 10 – 20mins long. They’ve created another channel called Munchies in the same style about food. I really like their videos.

I came across this Munchies video about a guy, Dave Janssen dubbed “the pizza king”. This is because he’s been eating strictly a diet of pizza everyday for the past 25 years. He mostly eats plain cheese pizza and likes extra sauce. He eats pizza for almost every meal.

Now I love pizza as much as the next guy (or girl). But I know its an unhealthy food and I have it in moderation like most things. I’m not advocating this guy’s diet. In fact, if you want to be turned off pizza this is the documentary to watch. From what I’ve seen, this guy is addicted to pizza. He has some kind of aversion to eating a wide variety of food. You could say he’s picky. He’s bordering on some kind of mental illness and he’s seeing a therapist about it. There’s a psychologist in the documentary who mentions that its probably related to some kind of traumatic experience he had as a kid.

Obviously I’m no mental health expert, but if you are eating pizza as every single meal there’s something wrong with you. Combined with his diabetes, I’d say this diet is terrible and could kill him. He doesn’t eat vegetables even on the pizza!

I posted this video on my documentary because its an fascinating video about our eating habits and reminds me of Super Size Me documentary. Please folks, do eat a balanced and healthy diet.

Matt Ho

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