Amy's baking company

I don’t want to add too much criticism to Amy’s Baking Company. I know that they’ve copped a lot of flack online already. I just wanted to share this episode of Kitchen Nightmare by Gordon Ramsay. I’m a fan of the show. I truly believe that Gordon wants to help the restaurants. From what I have seen on video and read online, he has improved them. He simply tells it like it is. Not everyone agrees with his methods and his approach. He has my respect because of what he has achieved in the food industry. He’s also had an impact on me – I watch some of his cooking videos on Youtube and watch his tv shows. Also most restaurant owners on the tv show do take on board his feedback and implement them.

As an entrepreneur, I do understand how founders want to do things their way. But you also need to listen to advice when its appropriate.

So I found this episode of Kitchen Nightmares fascinating. Its the first time I’ve seen a
1) restaurant owner wants to fight a customer
2) restaurant owner be so rude to customers
3) not take on feedback from Gordon
4) Gordon has refused to help

I don’t blame Gordon because he can only work with people that want to listen to him. Here’s the episode in all its glory.

I do hope that Amy and her husband can turn things around. You can check out the restaurant on here on Yelp.

Here’s an update in 2014 as Gordon revisited his biggest Kitchen Nightmare!

Let me know what you think!