I recently read this article and I am in love with the idea of a tachigui soba shop! I wish they have them in Sydney.

Tachigui soba is Japan’s answer to Fast food.  The phrase literally means “standing-up-eating” soba noodles.  You can find these shops around railway stations, bus terminals or around town. Their menus usually consist of soba and udon noodles with something simple like a fish cake on top.  The cost is around 260 yen, which is cheaper than the usual price of about 500 yen from a normal noodle shop.  Patrons order over the counter and stand eating their bowl of noodles.

Imagine – instead of a late night greasy meat pie or kebab, wouldn’t it be awesome if you can grab a quick bowl of soba on a train platform before your train arrives.  Nom nom.

Read the article here: Standing Room Only: The Slurp-and-Go Soba Shop Tradition