Steamed fish cantonese style

This is a simple recipe for steamed fish cooked Cantonese style. I want to do more of this kind of cooking. This recipe might not be the healthiest, but that’s something I’m working on.

I had a lot of fun cooking tonight with my mum and grandma. 3 generations cooking! I want to capture more of the recipes of how my family cooks our food. I also have a New Year’s resolutions to do more cooking. I had it as a to-do list a few years ago but just never got around to seriously doing it. This year I’m making good on it. I’ve made a laksa a few days ago (recipe coming soon!) and also 3 dishes tonight for dinner.


Barramundi fish.
Soy Sauce

We used a barramundi fish, but you can substitute it for another variety. Its weighs less than a kilo and the cost was about $13.

Method: Steamed


Oven top
Stainless steel dinner plate
Stainless steel tripod for steaming
Frying pan.


To season the fish, rub some salt onto it. We then put this onto the  steel plate. Cut up some shallots, about 10 grams and sprinkle it on the fish. Also a few slices of ginger.

We were using an electronic oven. So on the oven top I put it to about 7/10. Waited til it was hot. I then boiled some water using a kettle to make the steaming process faster.

Put the metal stand into the wok. I poured the water into the wok. You want the water to be boiling when you put the fish in there. Then add the dish with the fish on it. So the plate is above the boiling water.

Occasionally check to see whether it is cooked by cutting into it a bit. One way you can tell is if the fish eye bulges out. This is what it looked like when I lifted up the lid – hence its smoky!

Cooking time will be dependent on the type of fish, thickness of the fish and also the type of oven you use. The fish cooks in about 10minutes on our oven.To complete the cooking, we take the fish in the dish out of the wok. Put it to one side.We then heat up a frying pan. Make sure its red hot. Then add oil. Cook the oil til its boiling. Then pour the oil onto the fish. Do the same with soy sauce – boil it then pour it over the fish. It will finish the cooking of the fish when you pour the oil & soy sauce on it. It also adds flavour.

There you have it! Simple steamed fish cooked cantonese style.

Cantonese style steamed fish
Steamed fish cantonese style
Tastes delicious! Let me know how you would cook it.