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Kicking off my new food blog with a review of Mary’s CBD, a new burger joint in the Sydney CBD. I’m a burger aficionado, having eaten many burgers around Sydney and around the world.

I had to try the burger that many people claim is the best burger in Sydney! Yesterday (28 November 2014), was the official opening of Mary’s in the CBD. The original Mary’s is a bar in Newtown. There was a crowd outside but not much of a line as I was expecting.

The burger itself is pretty good – it literally melts in your mouth. It’s a really good burger but I didn’t feel like it was amazing. It might due to the hype and expectation. I’d read several articles about it including this one on Broadsheet and Gourmet Traveller. Also my friend & co-conspirator James Foster,  the unofficial Mary’s burger ambassador has been talking about it for the past few weeks. In fact, he’s been walking past the site for several weeks checking when it would open every day.

Mary's CBD counter IMG_7659

Mary’s burger is probably the softest and the most moist burger I have had. Reminds me of Macdonalds cheese burgers. They use brioche bread, which is really soft compared with the harder bread found at other burger places like Grill’d. The burger came with melted cheese, meat patty, tomato. It was basic but really good. One thing missing for me and hence the name of the blog – “where’s my sauce”? I like my burgers with tomato sauce or bbq sauce. Its a personal choice, but I like sauce! Sometimes it can take away from the taste – from tasting the normal flavour of the food.

I also didn’t realise that they had sauce which I could have had with the chips. I saw someone at Hyde Park eating their Mary’s burger and chips with what looked like a small container of sauce. I couldn’t see an option on the menu, but perhaps I missed it.

It was actually hilarious walking away from Mary’s to find somewhere to eat. We passed two girls sitting at the bus stop seat wolfing their burgers down. Then passed 3 people in the park with their white Mary’s takeaway bags, devouring their meal. In the distance there were 3 other people taking notes on their Mary’s food. Later on, a guy in a business suit walked past with the soon to be popular CBD image – carrying a Mary’s grease bag.


I bought the $15 meal deal which had burger, fries and soda.  The chips were nothing special and very salty. In fact, my lips were still stinging of the salt for like 10mins after I had finished the meal! I also had a lift soft drink as the shake machine was broken. There was also no more ice in the soda machine, so my lemonade was luke warm. I’ll be definitely coming back to try the double and the other burgers! The double is double everything – double meat pattie, double lettuce, etc… You can also add bacon as well. This food is clearly not for the health conscious!

I’m still fairly new to the food blogging scene, but I did spot some other foodies at the opening. In fact, I made it into someone’s picture! I imagine that this place is going to be very busy once the word gets out. The people at the opening would have been other passionate foodie’s. Someone actually walked past me and asked me what this place was given the crowd outside. Btw in the pic below, that’s one of the owners outside in the white tshirt with the towel around his neck.


It is pretty dark inside, there’s no seating room inside and the music is loud. I read somewhere that they claim to be the only restaurant to play Metallica at 10am! I’ve got no problem with it since I love music and go to concerts. Though not sure if others will like it. Lastly, I like the touch with the random scribbles on the wall. If I recall correctly, it said “would your mother eat this burger?”. Or something to that effect. I believe its a message to the staff to remind them of the quality of the burger. I’m also pretty sure my mum would eat this burger 🙂

The Sauce Meter

I’d like to introduce my rating system, the sauce meter. This rating is for the entire meal which was Mary’s burger, chips and soda. There is a a heavier weighting based on the burger as this was the main part of the meal.

The Sauce Meter: 8/10

You can find Mary’s City at this location:
154 Castlereagh St
Sydney, NSW 2000

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