Pie In The Sky Apple Pie with Icecream

Firstly the video has now come out for “The World’s Best Santa Slip And Slide”. Its truly epic. Kudos to Jamie Andrei, Ming D’arcy and Adam Dostalek for filming it! Def a lot of fun. Filmed at this property called LoveCabins at Wollemi which I highly recommend you to check out.

As we finished for the day and were heading home, I noticed that there were properties with signs for Apple Orchards, Bilpin Apple Cider and Apple Pies. They sure love dem apples over there!

There’s heaps of road side cafes here that do home made apple pies. However it was about 6pm and we were heading back to Sydney which took about 1.5 hours. Many of the cafes were closed. I even drove up to one of the cafes and stared through the store window looking longingly at the large Apple Pies in the fridge. I was determined to have one!

We finally found one called “Pie In The Sky“. We had previously passed it on the way to Wollemi. I had earlier seen that morning a man running across the road with two paper bags in his hand to his car. I had assumed they were pies. Pies, glorious pies!

We HAD to stop off at this country town cafe to get an apple pie. As I scanned the counter, I saw fudge. I really wanted that, but stayed focused on the mission. I then saw meat pies. Focus, I tell you! There were several varieties of apple pie.

Apple pies

After some deliberation, I ordered home made apple and rhubarb pie for $4.5o. Then the lady behind the counter said “Do you want ice cream with that?”. My heart melted. I (almost) screamed “YES”! This rounded up the price to $5. Def worth the extra money for the ice cream!

The pie had sugar sprinkled on top of it and a generous scoop of ice cream on top of it. I wasn’t sure how to tackle this beast armed with only a spoon.

Pie In The Sky Apple Pie with Icecream

The pastry was thick, pretty much like an meat pie but with Apple inside. There were chunks of Apple. The pie and icecream was good but not amazing. It wasn’t easy to eat and scoop it up with a spoon. Maybe I should have had a knife with it. Rustic, country goodness. Worth a stop if you’re visiting the area. Here’s the pie opened up below.

Destroying the apple pie


Sauce Meter: 7/10 for the Apple Pie. 

Great value at $5 with huge scoop ice cream.

Bonus: Mango Orange Jam

As a gift for my grandma, I also bought her some Mango Orange Jam from the cafe. She loves Marmalades and Jams. I tried it during the week with some raisin toast, its pretty good! The jam was $8 from memory.

Mango Orange Jam


Including a shot from the producer, Diane Shaw – “Homemade from Homegrown” Jams & Pickles. They have a variety of other jams from Diane for sale there.


Mango Orange Jam

Here’s some raisin toast with Mango Orange Jam. I made sure I included a piece of orange on the bread!


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Pie In The Sky Details:

1858 Bells Line of Road, Bilpin NSW
Phone: (02) 4567 8921
I’d recommend going earlier in the day before 6pm, as it closed up after we left.

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